VALOREM involved in the world’s most powerful wind turbine certification!

Actualité de Valorem Marine Solutions - 6 April 2020

While our team stays focused on green electricty production and development during the COVID-19 crisis, let’s look back over a recent project.

As offshore wind energy services provider, VALOREM MARINE SOLUTION successfully achieved its work of engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of the meteorological station used for the certification of the brand-new prototype of General Electrics « HALIADE X 12MW » wind turbine, located in Rotterdam harbour (NL).

 This self-standing 135m high met mast and its various sensors will enable the accumulation of the atmospheric data which is essential to the certification of the power curve of the most powerful wind turbine ever made and intended for the future French offshore wind parks.

VALOREM MARINE SOLUTIONS is proud of this successful mission which expands its catalogue on the international scale and is part of the technological development of this industry.