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Technical services

VALOREM MARINE SOLUTIONS, expertise at the service of marine and offshore wind energy

VALOREM MARINE SOLUTIONS offers its services to all economic players with a local presence in the territories, such as manufacturers, energy experts, turbine makers and local authorities.

VALOREM MARINE SOLUTIONS supplies a full range of services in all its core business areas.


  • Mapping of the winds in coastal areas based on over 210 onshore wind campaigns
  • Design and engineering office established in 1997
  • Technical analysis of the wind measuring towers, operating and maintenance tests and services. Definition of structural, meteorological, environmental and oceanic operating parameters.
  • Currentology studies.


Environmental surveys

  • Management of environmental surveys (impact studies, visual impact surveys, biological surveys)
  • Environmental monitoring (during the construction and operational phases)
  • Mapping and photo-simulation
  • Spokesperson with government departments


Electrical energy surveys

  • Ensuring compliance with the constraints of the grid operator (voltage dips, production forecasts, harmonics, voltage variations, etc.)
  • Analysis of connection to the grid (load-flow, contribution to the short-circuit current level)
  • Dimensioning of the internal power grid
  • Specifications for the components for installation in the internal power grid,
    (transformers, reactive energy generators, storage batteries, etc.)
  • Optimisation of the choice of production method (generator, transformer, SCADA functions, fault detection, frequency variations)
  • Tracking and monitoring of connection requests from transport and distribution transmission service operators.


Assistance with project development

  • Management of dialogue and cooperation with sea area users
  • Identification and unification of economic actors (fishermen, merchant navy, manufacturers, port facilities etc.)
  • Coordination of all project participants: elected representatives, administrations, economic players, environmental experts;
  • Project management
  • Tender response process

Transportation & logistics

  • Heavy Lift Transport of components to installation harbour
  • Harbour fitting and quay reinforcement
  • Logistics and assembly hub management
  • Load-out of equipment ready for offshore installation
  • Towing operations to offshore site

Construction & Commissioning

  • Onshore or quayside pre-assembly
  • Electrical cable landing works
  • HV Substation construction, installation and connection
  • Quality controls and inspections
  • Comissioning tests and punch-list clearance for Taking-Over
  • HSE management

Operation & Maintenance via VALEMO

VALOREM MARINE SOLUTIONS has a team of dedicated technicians and engineers specialised in the offshore marine energy sector. All team members have received additional training in maritime safety (BOSIET).

The VALOREM Group has held ISO 9001:2008and ISO 14001:2004 certification since 2014 for the following activities: prospection, surveying, development, procurement, financing, construction, sale and operation of renewable energy projects and generation facilities.