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Fields of application

VALOREM MARINE SOLUTIONS brings together expertise that can be applied to many areas of MRE and offshore wind farms

  • Test sites

    Our electrical engineering department is experienced in designing electrical connections, with a track record of more than 300 MW of green energy connections. VALEMO, our Operation & Maintenance partner, has a 24/365 control centre along with a team of 40 technicians in 7 field offices, for rapid interventions.

  • EMR and offshore wind farm prototypes

    Our teams support technology developers and share their expertise with the biggest hydroelectricity turbine and wind farm manufacturers.

  • Offshore measurement masts and floating LIDAR

Our technical department has completed over 210 wind measurement campaigns and 7 wind atlas, used for the construction of onshore wind energy turbines totalising more than 500 MW of installed power.

  • Offshore wind turbines

  • Marine and river current turbines

  • Electrical substations

VALOREM MARINE SOLUTIONS supports the development of your projects: From consulting, engineering and environmental exploration, obtaining administrative authorisations… to – thanks to O&M provided by  VALEMO – the entire construction of the power facilities including grounding of electrical connection, ground works..